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On this website you will find a whole host of information about various natural and manmade disasters around North America. I personally am a member of the prepper community and have got to a stage where I have a small vacation cabin which is completely off the grid.

fire-blazeRather than join the endless list of great prepping websites, I am trying to set up a website that will highlight the regularity with which we encounter all sorts of disasters. Most prepper TV shows seem to focus on people preparing for end of world scenarios, nuclear war and alien invasions, but I think it is much more important to focus on smaller localized disasters that you don’t hear much about.

I first got this idea after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Yes this was a major event, but it still “only” affected a relatively small proportion of the population. There are countless small event that happen all the time that are not picked up on national media outlets.

Small forest fires and river flooding happen all the time throughout the year and being prepared for such events can make life a lot more tolerable.

I also link out to many other websites where various disasters are recorded for public attention. Whenever the worst events happen I try to write up a quick article and provide advice on how you could have made preparations for these events.

I also have some posts on some very basics of being prepared, ranging from food storage to hunting and fishing gear as well as living off the grid.

Hope you enjoy this site and get some use out of the info.

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