Learn To Survive With Low Tech

As preppers we often spend a lot of time on buying and storing stuff to make disaster survival easier. For hunting and protection we will store guns and ammunition in large quantities to see us through months or years. But what happens if a gun were to break or you run out of ammo?

Knowing how to create weapons is vitally important and the lower the technology the better. For example, you can easily learn how to make a bow and some arrows for hunting purposes. A slightly more difficult task would be to build a cross bow, but it is not impossible.

For me crossbows are a weapon of choice to have in my arsenal. When they break down they are easy to fix and I have learned how to make my own arrows for various purposes. They are also more suitable for defence purposes.

One piece of cross bow technology that would be quite difficult to repair or create yourself is the scope optics for a crossbow.

Lenses are very difficult to create perfectly, so what I have done is accumulate about 10 different models, most of which cost less than $80. It’s usually for birthdays that I ask friends to maybe get me a crossbow scope.



The great thing with these weapons is that they are very easy to learn, and if you have used a bow and arrow you will better understand the more extreme flight arch when compared to a bullet. Most of the time we should bullets at relatively short distances, where the drop is not that great, a few inches at most.

However, with an arrow the effect of gravity is a lot stronger. This means that at short distance the arrow will drop quite a lot and having a zeroed scope will greatly help to alleviate that effect and be more accurate.

I highly recommend that you look up some home made plans for bows of all types and try and make your own. You won’t be making complex compound bows, but there is something really rewarding about heading out into nature, gathering the raw materials you need and then making your own bow and arrows. I’ve even gone out then and and completed my first successful hunt. It is a lot more difficult and time consuming that heading out with a hunting rifle, but so much more rewarding.

You should also have a large array of different knives. These are difficult to make yourself, but you could accumulate the raw steel needed and then learn how to shape and sharpen it. However, with the relatively low cost of knives it is probably best to just store many different types for survival situations.

Another thing that is on my list is to learn how to make a radio from the barest essentials. Apparently this is something that is taught in Special Forces training and is essential to many survival situations. Now, if you are in a desolate place with little more than a knife, you will probably find it difficult to make a radio. But with some very basic understanding of electronics it is possible to store old radios and computers to sue as parts.

The same goes for a basic understanding of physics and how to generate electricity. It doesn’t take much to build a dynamo, but if you don’t know the basics then you probably won’t figure it out under pressure.

For all these recommendations it is best to try them all out as weekend hobbies. Just having the theory can be detrimental in an emergency situation.

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