Technology Disasters

Many people in the prepping community focus very much on things like natural disasters and war or civil unrest. One thing that is often overlooked is is the impact of technology disasters. In this post I want to just highlight some possible impacts you should be aware of and how it would impact your life.

No matter how technology averse you are, the rest of the world and economy isn’t. Practically everything we do and buy in some way involves technology along the way. Information technology is the main backbone of the economy these days and there are very few businesses that can function without any use of IT.

But IT systems are under constant attack from hackers and criminals and IT security is becoming an ever more prominent and important

nuclearWithin the IT security industry there is a commonly held belief that a major technology security incident is just a matter of time. So what are the possible implications?

Falling short of a universal virus that shuts down everything, or a major electromagnetic storm hitting earth it is more likely that very specific sections of the economy could shut down.

Imagine for example a cities transportation department that controls subways, trains and traffic signals. An IT shutdown for even a short period of time could result in utter chaos as was seen in the NY blackouts from a few years ago. This blackout only lasted a short time frame and was due to a power failure. An IT failure could result in transportations shutdowns that last several days or weeks.

While emergency services have some of the most secure IT systems they could eventually become vulnerable. Imagine dialing 999 and not getting through to someone. How quickly do you think that kind of issue would spread into the criminal knowledge, and now imagine how criminals could exploit such a situation?

More severe disasters could occur if access to military IT systems were established or various types of power plants. These types of systems make sure that things run smoothly and provide fail safes against all sorts of things like accidental firing or missiles or power plant overheating.

Nuclear power plants are particularly in danger of such problems and even if there was an incident hundreds or thousands of miles away that does not mean you would be unaffected.

Technology disasters can also mean that you no longer have running water or electricity or any communication to the outside world. In such situations you want to make sure that you are prepared for the worst.

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